Francesca and family

I’m Francesca and welcome to my blog!

When I had my first child in 2013 I was a little lost. My husband and I attended anti-natal classes, read books and panicked a lot. We thought we knew what we needed to know, then one day our baby arrived, we were sent home with her and left to work it all out for ourselves!

We spent hours online sifting through blogs, other peoples accounts of what they did in a certain situation, trying anything and everything to solve whatever the new challenge we were handed. In 2013 including me there was also 5 of my friends pregnant at the same time. Whilst it has been nice sharing the experience of motherhood with them, it has also given me plenty of opinions and experiences that I would like to share with you through this blog.

I have tried so many products out from baby bouncers to prams, good books to bad books. I want to try and allow you to take a look at my experiences, things I felt went well and not so well to try and help you on your parenting journey.

So if you have just had a baby and are looking for a way to deal with a situation or which car seat is best you have come to the right place. I have done the hard work for you, sit back, get a cup of tea and read through some of my blog posts. I have tried to provide practical advice with a sense of humor.

Please also be mindful that I am a parent, someone just like you, maybe someone who has experienced a few more things than you. I am not, however, a doctor, health care professional or any other kind of expert. Anything I do advise is in good faith and hoping to help you, please always consult a doctor or health care professional if you are unsure.

Enjoy the ride,

Francesca x